Sonoco: ‘SquareCan opens up new possibilities in packaging design and brand management’

Pic: Sonoco. The company plans to launch at SquareCan at FachPack.
Pic: Sonoco. The company plans to launch at SquareCan at FachPack.

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Sonoco Consumer Products Europe has created its first rigid paper container with a nearly square layout.

SquareCan, which was developed at Sonoco’s European headquarters in Hockenheim, Germany, will be debuted at the FachPack trade show from September 27-29, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Decorated all around, including the top and bottom

Rolf Regelmann, director, sales and marketing, Sonoco, said SquareCan, which measures 104 to 94mm is a major new product development.

It opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of packaging design and brand management for our customers​,” he said.

Due to the layout, he said the product can be decorated all around, including the top and bottom, which strengthens brand management and attracts attention.

“It also provides efficiency in terms of logistics; thanks to its rectangular shape, making optimal use of space,”​ added Regelmann.

Regelmann said SquareCan gives the company an attractive alternative in its packaging portfolio, because cylindrical rigid paper containers are the norm for products like stacked chips or instant drinks.

Decorated plastic lids

He said with SquareCan, Sonoco wants to reach out to additional consumer groups and market segments. He added that there are further design possibilities when combined with its other recent technology, plastic lids decorated using in-mold labeling (IML) equipment.

Séan Cairns, VP/GM, Sonoco Consumer Products Europe, said its plastic lids decorated with IML can even feature highly realistic photographic images.

He added the combination of SquareCan and IML lid also has an advantage for packaging tobacco products.

The revision of the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD 2) makes warning labels on lids obligatory for cylindrical rigid paper containers, but not for those with a rectangular format.

Because manufacturers have to put large warning labels on the sides of the rigid paper container, the lid becomes the central decorating area for the presentation of the brand. With IML technology manufacturers can capitalize on this​,” he said.

Other products on show

The Consumer Products division will be exhibiting alongside Sonoco Alcore and Sonoco Plastics at FachPack.

Other products on show include Vegetop, a shaker top made of organic, compostable plastic; and different design options for rigid paper containers, such as special finishing techniques. For example, Munich-based cocoa manufacturer beckscocoa uses a label with hot gold foil embossing. The company will also showcase PermaSafe ​technology for sterilized and pasteurized food products with a long shelf life.

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