New scoop neck system for powered-product containers

By Joe Whitworth

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TricorBraun's scoop neck system
TricorBraun's scoop neck system

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A scoop neck system with resting tabs to lock it in place under the seal has been designed for use in powdered-product packaging.

The TricoBraun system keeps the scoop resting in the container’s neck, meaning it will does not interfere with existing materials and cannot be mistakenly poured into a drink or blender.

It is currently available in a variety of sizes and most bottle moulds can be adjusted to use the system, said the US-based developer.

The DryKeep scoop is a desiccant, which is a substance that sustains a state of dryness around it, and absorbs three times more moisture than other desiccants.

DryKeep is a globally recognised patented chemistry safe for human consumption, said Jad Darsey, director of sustainability and plastics at TricorBraun.

He added: “Its absorption is via hydration instead of physical entrapment. This method locks the moisture away and because of the specific molecule used, it absorbs its weight in water, without any chemical or physical change other than weight gain​.”

Past problems

Darsey added previous problems included scoops burying themselves in powders causing customers to dig for them.

Traditional desiccants added to the container often end up in a drink, of worse the blender​.

The DryKeep scoop will rest neatly under the heat seal before the customer begins use, protecting the package from moisture and remaining in the clean environment​,” he added.

After the seal is removed, the scoop will still remain neatly in the neck of the package, under the cap, no matter the orientation, and will continue to protect the package from moisture​.”

The scoops can be made of polypropylene (PP) and manufactured in a variety of colours.

Future planning

Darsey said the firm had consumer testing scheduled in the future and all indications were “very positive​”.

The beauty of this system is the simplicity. There is no extra plastic necessary for the container, standard caps can be utilised and depending on current scoops size, little to no more plastic is necessary in the scoop​.”

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