New pump and suction cups offer efficiency and flexibility, says PIAB

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A new vacuum pump can reduce energy consumption, ensure quicker changeover times and enhance product control, while new additions to a suction cups line enable wider applications, says PIAB.

PIAB has launched its new vacuum pump, the P5010, on the market this month for application in packaging lines for food and beverage products and other consumer goods.

The pump, according to the company, features its patented COAX multistage ejector technology, a system designed for generating vacuum with compressed air.

PIAB business unit manager for consumer/food industry, Josef Ramslöv told that the P5010 pump provides high vacuum performance in relation to energy consumption due to its lightweight, robust and reliable body.

“This lightweight and compact design helps companies reduce the weight of end-of arm-tooling and move the pumps closer to suction cups. By decentralizing the pumps, less energy is consumed while producing the same vacuum flow, improving the sustainability of the production line,” ​explained Ramslöv.

Enhanced productivity

He said that these features also result in increased machine speed and enhanced productivity.

According to Ramslöv, to further reduce energy consumption, the P5010 pump can be equipped with an optional air-saving (ES) function to minimise compressed air usage in the handling of non-porous products.

“The three-stage cartridges inside the pump generate less noise and more initial vacuum flow which translate into faster responses and more reliable function in leaking and high-speed applications,”​ he added.

Reduced changeover times

He said that the new pump guarantees shorter changeover times with its modular design and unique ‘push-in principle’ which facilitates its insertion and removal, as well as enabling cost and time savings.

“The assembly of the cartridge inside the pump does not require screws or hardware; users push it in to the manifold for convenient initial installation and removal for cleaning and maintenance,”​ added Ramslöv.

He said that the P5010 can be fitted with a control unit (CU) with valves for on/off and blow-off activation that caters to the needs of packaging and manufacturing companies that handle porous products, such as paper and corrugated cardboard.

“The blow-off is essential to clean pipes, filters and surfaces from dust in handling applications. The adjustable blow-off flow-capacity also enables the appropriate usage of force based on product weight to prevent damage, product loss and improve process control,” ​said Ramslöv.

The company said that the control unit features an optional cable with LED status to enable monitoring of the pump from a distance for remote control, reduced downtime and easier trouble shooting, and its compact design enables it to fit into tight spaces, granting manufacturers a high degree in flexibility during changeovers.

New suction cups

Meanwhile, Ramslöv said that PIAB will be releasing new additions to its BL4 and the BL5 suction cup families in November 2008 to provide enhanced bag handling capabilities.

He said that the suction cups in these lines feature a silicone material that complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation for use in contact with food products in top loading applications.

“The new suction cups feature a long, stable bellow and an elongated, thin sealing lip combined with a wide diameter. These features allow for an increased working area while also providing flexibility and reduced changeover since the design offers effective handling for a variety of bag sizes, shapes and dimensions,” ​according to Ramslöv.

“Additionally, they offer quick gripping speed, making them suitable for level adjustments,”​ he added.

The company said that both families of suction cups, which have been on the market since 2007, can endure temperatures ranging from 60ºC to 200ºC while handling dozens of products including bags of frozen food.

“The BL5 range features a thick bellow, making it ideal for handling heavy bags filled with liquid or dense food items. The BL4 is dependable for the handling of fragile materials such as snack foods or frozen products that are prone to breakage,” ​said Ramslöv

The vacuum pump and suction cups are available worldwide, according to PIAB, and will be showcased at Pack Expo International in Chicago in November.

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