Multi-platform RFID reader enters market

By Ahmed ElAmin

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NEC Corporation claims to have developed what it is calling the
world's first radio frequency identification (RFID) device that can
both read and write tag data on multiple frequencies.

The combination packs a power punch, allowing processors to stock one RFID device to read or add data to tags across a variety of standards used by their suppliers or customers.

"The newly developed multi-RFID reader and writer makes it possible to read and write any RFID tag information contained in any product or item with this one device by supporting all the major RFID tags presently in use around the world," NEC stated.

In addition, NEC has configured the device to allow users to install any new network software, making it unnecessary to replace it when new protocol RFID tags are introduced on the market.

The RFID reader and writer supports three major tag frequencies -- 13.56MHz, UHF band and 2.45GHz, along with the world's most used protocols.

The multi reader and writer is also compatible with six types of RFID tags, including a tag-embedded plastic bottle cap jointly developed by NEC and Toyo Seikan.

"With the market exhibiting a mix of RFID tags with different frequencies and protocols, the unavailability of a dedicated reader and writer for all RFID tags has created a bottleneck in expansion of the RFID market," stated Taiki Matsuo, an NEC divisional general manager.

NEC said it will continue to develop the device, mainly by attempting to make it more compact and to reduce the price.

The development will enable the device to be embedded into general consumer terminals, such as computers, mobile phones and game machines, as well as stationary terminals at retail stores and facilities, the company stated.

RFID has conventionally been used for supply change management and traceability for production and distribution.

The advent of a reader and writer that can be mounted in regular terminals will allow consumers to access information on a company's products or services, NEC stated.

NEC expects that the device will further link businesses with consumers in the future.

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