Pizza flowrapper reduces packaging size and costs

By George Reynolds

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A new modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system for pizzas reduces
the need for two machines.

PFM Packaging Machinery claims its Mistral flowrapper uses a laminated film, which removes the need for additional cardboard packaging.

Traditional pizza packaging requires two machines to wrap and then to box.

Removing the cardboard packaging reduces production and freight cost because the wrapped pizzas are smaller than boxed.

More pizzas can be stored in refrigerators because of the reduced packaging size, the company claimed.

Pizzas are packed in laminated film, which helps to maintain form, texture and colour of the finished product, the company claims.

The film supplied can be pre-printed by PFM with date codes and barcoding.

The pizzas are wrapped in airtight packs with three seals starting from a reel of flat heat-sealable packaging material.

The Mistral can wrap any size of pizza at a maximum speed of 120 packs per minute, claims the manufacturer.

MAP packaging helps to preserve the vitamin and fat content, ensuring the pizzas look and taste fresh.

Chris Bolton, PFM's sales and operations director, said the solution provides cost savings and will help preserve the environment.

"This exciting and innovative packaging process should start to change the way that food companies package pizzas and other related items in the future," he said.

The flowrapper is made from AISI 304 stainless steel, with the casing built with rounded corners to improve hygiene by allowing easier washdowns, the manufacturer claims.

Its cantilver design means that the mechanical and electronic parts are situated at the rear of the machine in separated compartments.

The product conveyer belt and sealing area is at the front, which means residues will not come into contact with any mechanics and these areas can be easily cleaned, claims PFM.

The system features a two metre infeed conveyer belt with adjustable approach rollers, while a balancing device controls film tension.

An adjustable forming box allows easy length and width adjustments to be made for different size products, the company claims.

Other models include top or bottom film reels, an Electronic or Servo version and also the BDF version, which can use heat-shrinkable packaging material with gas barriers.

The PFM Group is headquartered in Italy and has a business network across 75 countries worldwide.

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