Spray nozzle increases product quality manufacturer claims

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A new design for a spray nozzle increases the quality of the final
food product, its manufacturerclaims.

Delavan says its SDX Compact is a redesign of its Mini SDX Nozzle. It features a new positivelyretained swirl chamber and orifice disk. A flow distribution feature is built into the swirlchamber.

Spray nozzles are used by industry to produce dry or powdered foods. In the food industry theyare used for producing dried eggs, milk and baby formulas. Getting the right droplet size isessential to the final quality of the product, hence the need for more precision.

"Industry colleagues from other companies have tried many times in the past to improvethe concepts and components in this unique single vortex swirl chamber but have been unable to comeup with a better design,"​ Delavan claimed about the SDX Compact.

The new nozzle is about 38 mm (1.5in) long. The new swirl chamber is positively retained in thebody during assembly. The matching orifice assembly uses a retained "O" ring feature. Notools are required for assembly, unlike the Mini SDX.

"It's about making the right size droplet,"​ said company spokesman ThomasJackson. "Droplets too small may dry too fast causing colour or taste to change. Dropletstoo large may not have enough time to effectively dry, causing moisture build-up in the dryer.Oversized droplets can also keep the product from reaching the final density."

The technology was presented at this year's Emballage, which ended in Paris on the 24 November. Delavan SprayTechnologies is part of the Goodrich Corporation.

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