Software sends out contamination phone alert

By Ahmed ElAmin

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Next time the phone rings, it could be your software alerting you
about a contamination problem on the line or in the lab.

The software is from Centrus International​, which has developed a rapid alert system to connect its microbial testing equipmentwith food safety managers or lab workers.

The connectivity allows food, meat, dairy, beverage and nutraceutical processors to make faster, better-informed decisions regarding product safety and release, stated Dominique Sorgeloos, Centrus'managing director of business operations.

"In food microbial testing, speed is all-important,"​ Sorgeloos stated in a press release. "Soleris Connectivity software speeds the flow of vital test results from thelaboratory to key decision makers, allowing them to make fast choices in real time that ensure product safety and quality."

The company developed its Soleris Connectivity software for use with its rapid optical system. The software system provides secure, real-time test results and data to an unlimited number ofapproved network users.

It can be adapted to interface with specific laboratory information management systems. The system can also be programmed to send contamination alarms securely through traditional and cellularphone systems.

The software features automated system control, data analysis and automatic contamination detection. Test results can be sent to additional designated workstations on networks inside and outsidethe lab or testing area.

The information can be sent using a secure supervisor workstation, speeding the distribution of information to an unlimited number of designated viewers.

The system can be integrated with existing information systems, allowing labs to incorporate test results with their own proprietary data and operating systems, Centrus stated.

Test results can be monitored from remote locations connected through any existing communication line, including by telephone or mobile phones, giving managers the ability to receive results andanalysis from any test site on the network.

In addition, the software can send alarms through traditional and cellular phone lines when a sample tests positive for contamination.

Other features include a manual backup function, an ability to transfer data files and reports to a supervisor station and a hardware security device to ensure lab results are accessible onlythrough designated secure-access workstations.

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