Tetra Pak heads race in redefining wine packaging

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Tetra Pak has launched wine packaged in the firm's Tetra Brik
aseptic package, a move that could redefine how vintners and
retailers position and merchandise wine.

"This form of packaging is well suited for protecting wine's sensitive flavour profiles,"​ said Jeff Kellar, vice president of strategic business development at Tetra Pak.

"The lightweight, space-saving Tetra Pak cartons will better differentiate Three Thieves' premium wine brands on the shelf and make them extremely economical to distribute, store and stock."

With over 1.6 billion packages of wine sold annually, Tetra Pak has helped lead a global diversion from the historical perspective that wine always had to be packaged in a glass bottle. Beyond its ability to keep its contents from spoiling, Tetra Pak claims that the aseptic packaging provides companies with good shelf presence and added consumer appeal, along with ease of storage and stacking.

The Three Thieves Bandit Cabernet is not only the first entirely domestic wine product distributed in this packaging, it is also the first product in the US to feature the Tetra Pak SlimCap. This technology is comprised of a plastic screw cap, ring-pull and a standard PullTab.

Utilising the new SlimCap provides practical storage and stacking, easy opening with tight re-closing to protect the product, and pouring control and accuracy. The package is also airtight until opened, a valuable feature that standard cork and bottles cannot achieve.

Combining the new SlimCap with the technology behind Tetra Pak's aseptic packaging will provide consumers with a premium Cabernet in a more convenient, versatile and cost effective package.

Charles Bieler, Joel Gott and Roger Scommegna developed the Three Thieves brand after capitalising on the surplus of wine around the world. The Three Thieves purchase supplies of wines from around the world, package it using Tetra Pak's aseptic packaging and other differentiating packages, and distribute the finished product.

"Utilising this type of packaging, we are able to cut costs, increase shelf life and provide a high quality product to consumers at a lower price point,"​ said Bieler.

"Tetra Pak's​ technology afforded us the opportunity to distinguish ourselves in our market, and ultimately fulfil our pledge to bring great wine to the average wine buyer and still offer versatility, convenience, safety, freshness and flavour."

The 2002 Three Thieves Bandit Cabernet, an $8-a-litre wine in a Tetra Pak container, will be available to consumers this month.

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