New food tester achieves high-speed analysis

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NDC Infrared Engineering has launched an updated version of its
at-line analyser Infralab 710, designed to achieve accurate
measurement of multi-component food parameters.

The intuitive analyser enables single or multi-component measurements of critical parameters of moisture, fat and protein in a wide range of foods including biscuits, cheese, coffee, dairy powders and snack foods.

NDC believes that a major strength of the updated version is its ability to perform high-speed measurements in seconds, compared to the hours needed for off-line laboratory tests. Traditional laboratory measurement techniques are generally time consuming, costly, and operator sensitive.

In addition, NDC says that food manufacturers often carry out traditional methods of analysis knowing that the result is subject to errors. It is common, says the firm, for companies to tolerate a +/- 0.25% moisture variation in oven test results.

This is caused by errors such as sample handling, weighing, temperature inconsistencies and the monitoring costs of fat and protein analysis by traditional chemical methods.

"Infralab 710 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the food industry,"​ said James Millard, NDC infrared engineering marketing manager.

"Strict food laws and regulations on labelling, food standards and traceability are shaping the decision-making processes for quality and productivity tools."

Indeed, product consistency has become a very important factor in the drive to meet both stringent government food standards and encourage customer loyalty. Processors are under incredible pressure to achieve tighter margins and increase their operational competitiveness.

NDC​ believes that the updated Infralab 710 will therefore prove popular in a range of food applications. The analyser has been designed wit the food industry in mind; it has no food traps and is sealed to IP65, allowing it to be cleaned to food hygiene standards easily.

In cheese manufacturing, the device can be used to analyse fat and moisture. On the basis of the information gathered, manufacturers can adjust their processes to optimise the yield and improve the consistency of the final product.

Infralab 710 can also be used across a range of other food applications including dairy powders, coffee, snack foods, biscuits as well as food ingredients such as colourings, flavourings, dried fruit and breadcrumbs.

Controlled from a PC, Infralab 710 is user-friendly and easy-to-operate with intuitive software, for consistent data collection and analysis.

NDC Infrared Engineering offers a range of non-contact sensors and systems for measurement of moisture, fat, protein and continuous web process variables such as coat-weight and film thickness.

Other products in the NDC Infrared Engineering portfolio include a microwave system for measuring the moisture content of paper and a wide range of hardware and software accessories for the sensor and system ranges.

NDC Infrared Engineering is a Spectris Company.

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