Cooking sauces show increasing diversity

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Cooking sauces have been identified as one of the main driving
forces behind the rapid growth of the sauces and condiments market
in central and eastern Europe in recent years. This week's look at
the Mintel database reveals just why this is happening, with a
series of launches reflecting the increasing diversity of this

A report released by Leatherhead Foods earlier this year revealed that cooking sauces were growing in importance, albeit from a low base. The report said that the market for sauces is now estimated to be worth in excess of €2 billion, and that the accession to the European Union of a number of Central European countries is likely to provide further growth.

The largest market for sauces in the region is naturally Russia, which last year accounted for 68 per cent of total production, or 683,100 tons. Here mayonnaise has been the traditional mainstay, but researchers suggest that as the market matures it will diversify into a variety of increasingly exotic cooking sauces, which will provide one of the main routes for future growth.

We start off in the Czech Republic where Deroni is launching Adjika Vegetable Sauce. This is a brand new product which retailed at €1.63 when it was launched onto the market in 350 gram jars last month. Containing spicy vegetable sauce, the manufacturers claim it is suitable for a variety of meat and pasta dishes.

Santa Maria is launching tinned coconut milk onto the Russian market, reflecting the growing interest in Asian foods. Retailing at €2.93 for a 400ml serving, the product was launched onto the market last month in an attempt to tap into the growing demand for exotic cuisines, particularly Asian. Containing pure coconut pulp, the product is said to be the perfect base for a variety of southeast Asian dishes.

In Hungary, global giant Unilever is launching Pamai Szosz Sauce, a parma sauce made with Parmesan cheese and flavoured with ham. Sold in 240 gram glass jars, this is a table sauce that includes mustard, yolj, sugar and vinegar, and is said to make a good accompaniment to a variety of cooked dishes. It retails at €0.85 for a 240 gram jar.

Staying in Hungary, Masterfood is launching Martas Bolognai Bolognese under the Dolmio brand. This is an extension to an existing and highly successful product line and will retail at €1.10 for a 320 gram jar. This is a tomato-based sauce with herbs and spices that is said to contain no artificial colourings or preservatives.

And finally to Poland, where Kamis is launching Marynata Klasyczna w Plynie do Mies i Drobiu Sauce. A new variety to an existing product line, this is a classic meat marinade for both poultry and red meat dishes. Packaged in a shelf stable flexible plastic wrapper, this contains mustard, maize and a variety of herbs and spices. It is due to retail at €0.65 when it hits shop shelves during the course of this month.

This range of chilled foods and ready meals is part of a selection from Mintel's Global New Product Database​.

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