Toray Plastics develops cutting edge packaging films

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Toray Plastics has developed what it describes as a new line of
technologically advanced, value-added OPP and PET packaging films,
designed to achieve longer shelf life and easier handling.

Retail trends indicate that perishable foods comprise over 50 per cent of all foods and therefore must be packaged in either gas permeable or re-closeable packaging to avoid spoilage, so the new range should appeal to a broad spectrum of manufacturers.

The products include new Torayfan clear barrier OPP CB-P and CB-S films, and the new ultra-thin, metallised OPP PCF-2. The company is also launching its Lumirror PET line, including lidding, heat sealable, clear barrier, and FDA-compliant, UV stabilised and filtering films.

"Converters and end users are demanding more from OPP and PET packaging films,"​ says Eric Bartholomay, product development manager. "Toray Plastics' technical and aesthetic advancements, including improved thermal, mechanical and optical properties, can help business grow, even in very competitive marketplace."

New Torayfan clear barrier OPP CB-P and CB-S films, made with proprietary resins, are non-coated and have greater strength, improved feel and equal moisture transmission rates compared to PVdC-coated films. The company claims that Torayfan CB-S heat-sealable clear barrier film and Torayfan CB-P non-sealable clear barrier film, designed specifically to replace PVdC-coated film, are ideal for packaging baked snacks and confectionery.

Torayfan says that the new, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant, metallised barrier PCF-2 OPP film provides exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier durability and improved economics over traditional foil. Converters and food manufacturers are able to create foil-free, aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, finished packets and stand-up pouches that have overall enhanced barrier durability.

According to the company, PCF-2 is increasingly being used as brand-building barrier packaging material for hot cocoa, seasoning, soup, rice, croutons, stuffing, dried cheese, powdered beverages, nutrition/energy drinks, and confections.

Toray Plastic's range of Lumirror brand PET films includes the LumiLid heat-seal lidding product line. LumiLid provides a strong but peelable seal with superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

LumiLid is said to be ideal for cap lining as well as for dairy, refrigerated/frozen entrée and industrial-sized applications. Other Lumirror PET products to be exhibited include clear barrier films, Barrilox alumina-coated films and PVdC-coated films.

Toray Plastics​ is a leading manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene films for magnetic, industrial and capacitor applications, as well as flexible and rigid packaging. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, a world leader in synthetic fibres and high performance films that reported annual sales of over $9 billion last year.

Market analyst BCC has been following food packaging trends closely, and believes that such packaging concepts are vital to the future of food production. In its report, "Active, Controlled and Intelligent Packaging for Foods and Beverages,"​ BCC says that advances in active packaging have spawned oxygen scavengers, antimicrobial films and gas permeable packages, while controlled packaging has led to modified atmosphere packaging, moisture absorbers and other hybrid forms of packages to keep foods fresh.

The analysts identify a trend towards conveniently packaged foods, fast-preparing or already prepared, with less chemical additives that still possess a long shelf life

Indeed, along with changes in electronic identifiers that track freshness, temperature and even provide communications with smart refrigerators, BCC contends that a new world of packaging is emerging.

Even non-perishable, dry foods need to have an extended shelf life. According to the analysts, retailers prefer at least a year's storage on shelves to meet their requirements for non-perishable dry food packaging.

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