Berner to increase efficiency with ERP software

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Berner Foods, a supplier of food products including processed
cheese, natural cheese and soy beverages, has installed enterprise
software in order to meet critical US federal regulations and to
streamline its private-label manufacturing.

The company is using Ross Systems' iRenaissance enterprise software system, which it believes will provide a co-ordinated technology infrastructure. As a private-label manufacturer, Berner has to contend with tight margins, necessitating maximum efficiency, visibility and productivity in its manufacturing operations to ensure profitability.

The implementation of the iRenaissance software as a system of record for manufacturing operations, quality control, supplier management, financials and regulatory management is one means of achieving greater production efficiency.

The installation is also designed to enable the company to meet new legislative requirements. Food manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic are now subject to a great deal of regulatory scrutiny, and comprehensive record keeping and near-immediate traceability are quickly becoming critical requirements for food processors.

In addition to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations, which have been in effect for several years in most food industries, new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and European Union have created higher compliance thresholds and challenges.

Amid these increasing regulatory pressures, food processors are also seeing increased demand to demonstrate the effectiveness of their brand-protection measures for larger customers. Installing management software has almost become a prerequisite.

Berner now has the ability to trace products and supplies and perform mock recalls to ensure compliance with federal food safety guidelines. The lot traceability, recipe management and quality control applications in iRenaissance provide the data and functionality to maintain and inspect food records, including the source and movement of all raw materials, the process by which product was produced and destinations where all product was shipped.

Berner claims that with Ross' comprehensive solution, conducting mock recalls went from taking an entire day to a mere 30 minutes.

"Ross' iRenaissance helps us comply with strict quality control mandates from regulatory bodies and the expectations of our customers,"​ said Gary Gold, vice president of quality assurance for Berner Foods. "With the ability to immediately determine the disposition of any raw ingredient, throughout production and distribution of all finished products, we are streamlining mock recalls and food safety audits.

"In addition, the attribute-tracking capabilities in iRenaissance allow us to monitor for quality and ensure we're delivering products that will meet the expectations of each customer."

The Ross iRenaissance solution was built on the company's expertise in serving process manufacturers, especially food manufacturers faced with addressing specific needs such as quality control, regulatory compliance, food safety and profit-margin improvement. Ross' focus on medium-sized businesses also appealed to the Berner team's need for rapid implementation and minimal customisation during deployment.

"At Ross, we are committed to helping our clients' run better businesses, from planning and sourcing to the plant floor to customer service,"​ said Scot McLeod, Ross vice president of marketing. "With iRenaissance as their operational system of record, food processors are operating in compliance and containing the scope of potential recalls while increasing focus on the development of new products and growing their businesses."

Ross Systems recently upgraded its iRenaissance ERP software so that the system can trace forward and backward to determine the disposition of any ingredient or intermediate or finished product at any point throughout the materials handling, manufacturing, inventory, sales and delivery processes. "Food safety is a key issue in our industry today, and our enhanced record keeping and traceability systems are helping customers address these increasing challenges,"​said Ross Systems chief executive J. Patrick Tinley. "At the same time, we are helping our customers extend the value of their food safety systems to improve their financial bottom lines.

"By leveraging iRenaissance for overall operational improvements, our customers are also reporting reductions in spoilage, fewer quality control errors, reduced inventories and improved customer service levels."

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