Buhler finds market for retrofits

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Processing machinery provider Buhler claims that it has found a
burgeoning market for the retrofitting and customising of pasta
processing equipment.

Processing machinery provider Buhler claims that it has found a burgeoning market for the retrofitting and customising of pasta processing equipment.

The company says that an increasing number of its customers are opting for customised upgrading packages which can transform older equipment into more powerful production lines with high uptimes.

Naturally it is with the primary aim of increasing productivity that the retrofit service packages are gaining momentum. The new Buhler retrofit service is aimed at existing, older production systems which no longer meet the stringent technical requirements of the latest generation of equipment.

Buhler has developed its retrofitting packages around a number of primary concerns that the industry constantly faces. Primarily plant and equipment has a limited life cycle. Some components wear down faster, other elements withstand the daily stresses of production processes longer. However it is often not a simple task to repair such machinery as spare parts prices may explode, or suppliers may simply stop manufacturing some components. This is especially true for electronic components. Any failure of such elements can and often does lead to prolonged downtimes of a production system.

Buhler specialises in supplying equipment for the pasta-making industry, claiming to master all the process operations "from the grain to the packaged pasta". Adding to this claim the company says that pasta producers are increasingly benefiting from its customised retrofit services because it offers them the opportunity to save money on three separate counts. First, any components no longer available in the market are replaced by parts based on new technologies. This eliminates the need for maintaining costly technical systems, and availability of the new spare parts is guaranteed. Second, the company retrofits increase system performance by targeted measures.

Third, control system Retrofits aim to standardise operation of all production systems, usually by replacing the complete systems. After the upgrade, the existing and the new elements of a production line operate on the basis of a unified control philosophy. This, says Buhler, simplifies production significantly.

Ultimately the retrofits are said to extend the life cycle of a plant while minimising the risk of unexpected production losses. This, the company says, ensures a consistent production quality, optimal output and a higher line utilisation rate - ultimately leading to added value. For more information click here​.

Buhler​ is a global Technology Group and System Partner for plant and equipment and for process expertise in the fields of food processing, chemical engineering, and die casting, with a worldwide payroll of about 6,300.

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