Quaker launches healthy men's snack

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Quaker is adding a new variant to its Snack-a-Jacks range in the
UK, designed to appeal to both men and children.

Quaker​ is adding a new variant to its Snack-a-Jacks range in the UK that is designedto appeal to men and children in a bid to grow its share of the healthy snacks market, according to a Datamonitor report.

It has been a hectic year so far for Quaker with new competition, a legal wrangle and now a newproduct launch. The launch, at least, should go well as Snack-a-Jacks' newSpudz range represents a logical line extension that taps into bothmen and children's growing need for healthy nutritious snacks.

Snack-a-Jacks' new Spudz range, which is targeted at men and children, willbe backed by a £5 million marketing campaign. As expected, the snacks willretain the better-for-you positioning because they are baked rather thanfried.

The launch follows two significant events for Quaker in the preceding threeweeks. Only last week Quaker stepped up its legal battle against snacksmaker Haust after losing the first round of a patent infringement case overthe production method of Haust's crispy rice snacks. Quaker alleged thatHaust, which supplies most of the UK multiple retailers with own label andbranded snacks, had infringed its patent for Snack-a-Jacks by copying itsunique production method. The claim was rejected and Quaker was ordered topay costs.

Three weeks ago it emerged that Quaker must prepare for a renewedcompetitive threat from Ryvita's new Tondo's variant. Tondo's is the firstRyvita product positioned to be eaten alone rather than used as a base fortoppings.

However, these distractions will not detract from the launch of Spudz, whichseems to be a natural addition to the Snack-a-Jacks portfolio. The latestpotato and rice based product, which is widely regarded to haverevolutionised the snacking industry, is due to launch in early September.

By expanding the brand's appeal to both men and children, Quaker areattempting to bring the healthy snacking concept to new consumer groups.Current evidence shows that men in particular are becoming increasinglyhealth conscious. Assuming the snack can be effectively marketed as apositive part of daily nutrition, and that the marketing mix isappropriately adjusted to cater for the varying age demographics, then thenew Snack-a-Jacks variant is likely to stimulate Quaker's market share aswell as overall market growth.

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