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Avure Technologies has supplied a high-pressure processing (HPP)
system to a US-based food company which aims to increase the safety
of processed onion.

Avure Technologies has supplied a high-pressure processing (HPP) system to a US-based food company which aims to increase the safety of processed onion.

Kevin Greenwald, owner/manager of Winsoms, the Washington-based food company that bought the system from Avure, said: "As a produce department manager, customers always asked me for pre-chopped onions, but it just wasn't possible with conventional thermal technology. With Avure's HPP system, we created an all-natural product with great taste, fresh texture, better appearance and an extended shelf life. We now offer a ready-to-use consumer product that is actually safer than a fresh-picked onion."

HPP destroys food-borne pathogens and spoilage organisms, ensuring product safety and enabling longer shelf life. Avure claims that its system helps various foods to retain more of their fresh taste, colour, texture and nutritional values than is possible with other food processing techniques that depend on chemical additives or heat treatments.

Winsoms, and production partner Hairington, launched the product line using a 35-litre HPP system. Hairington says it expects to install their second unit, a 215-litre system, by December 2003 to satisfy consumer demand.

Greenwald added, "Commercial users want our product rather than frozen or dehydrated onions, because they get a sweeter taste that isn't bitter, and a fresher, crunchier texture."​ Winsoms has already shipped commercial product, chopped Spanish onions, for use as an ingredient in premium salad dressings.

Hairington says it plans to process other premium onions for Winsoms. With the use of high-pressure and appropriate storage, these premium onions will be available in fresh chopped form months after their normal season ends.

Winsoms' brand of "They Just Taste Sweeter" retail products is expected to be introduced over the next six months in the US. Chopped onions for supermarkets are packed in 8-ounce stand-up, re-sealable bags. The retail products are intended to be marketed with a 45-day shelf life, although Winsoms has demonstrated shelf life up to 90 days without impacting quality. Avure's Fresher Under Pressure brand logo will also appear on the retail packaging.

Pat Adams, CEO of Avure Technologies said. "Consumers want convenience and freshness, and Winsoms delivers. Our high-pressure processing technology enables food companies to formulate new products with this unique, premium profile."

Avure Technologies​ Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flow International Corporation. Based in the US, the company's Fresher Under Pressure HPP technology is said to destroy food-borne pathogens, including Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

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