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Safeline has launched the Powerphase series of metal detectors,
which are said to provide crucial quality control for bakeries
producing a wide variety of products.

Safeline has launched the Powerphase series of metal detectors, which are said to provide crucial quality control for bakeries. producing a wide variety of products.

The detectors​ are aimed at a wide range of bakery products, from buns, bread, cake and pastry, to fresh dough and frozen products. The detector is integrated intoconveyorised production systems, providing several features thatenhance sensitivity, especially to stainless steel.

The Multi-Frequency capability enables a single metal detector to run conductive andnon-conductive products while maximising detector sensitivity for each product. It also helps bakers meet the stringent guidelines for HACCP implementation, the company claims.

Each machine is built according to individual needs, which means that aperture sizes can becustomised to accommodate very wide belts, and the metal detectors can beprovided in either stainless steel for washdown, or as white-paintedaluminum for wipe-down cleaning environments. In conjunction with manufacturers of modular plastic belting, the newest bakery belting conveyortechnology is incorporated into the detection systems for bakeries.

The system's multi-frequency capabilities mean that products such as hot breads and cakes can be metal detected. Raw dough products thatrequire heavy duty stainless steel washdown equipment and food grade conveyor belting are handled using Safeline's 'extreme' washdown specenclosure, built to exceed standard requirements for washdown conditions.

The Powerphase also provides Quality Control personnel with data that assures detector sensitivities are being maintained and other critical documentation for HACCP and Vendor Certification programs. The system reports on time-and-date stamped rejection incidences, real-time status of each detector on the network, information on individual detector settings, historical data on testing and shift reports, and Safeline's software allowsa bakery to customise reports and export information into other applicationssuch as spreadsheet or database programmes. It also has built-in security that allows operations management to specify who can access variouslevels of the programme, preventing tampering with shift reports or documentation.

Safeline Metal Detection claims to be the largest metal detector manufacturer in the world, with operations in the US, UK, and Europe. The company provides conveyorised, gravity feed, and pipeline metal detection systems for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and powder/bulk industries.

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