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Sidel is to preview five new machines for PET container production
at the upcoming international packaging fair, Hispack, to be held
in Barcelona from 31 March to 4 April.

Sidel is to preview five new machines for PET container production at the upcoming international packaging fair, Hispack, to be held in Barcelona from 31 March to 4 April.

The display will include the company's range of volumetric fillers designed for CSDs in PET at ambient temperature. The display will include the single rinsing-filling-capping unit, the RV 36-45-6. Equipped with 36 rinsing grippers, 45 filling nozzles, and six capping heads, this volumetric filler can reach speeds of up to 19,300 bottles/hour. It is part of a wide range of equipment offered by Sidel for filling carbonated beverages in PET. This range covers output rates from 3,000 to 72,000 bottles/hour, for capacities from 0.25 litres to three litres.

Sidel​ claims that the volumetric filler ensures superior filling accuracy, to within +/- 2 ml, by controlling a pre-measured amount of liquid in the filling chamber. Foaming and product loss during feeding are kept to a minimum thanks to machine features including very wide passages for gas and product to avoid over-acceleration and turbulence, filling at decreasing speed, and a steep spiraling of the product, as well as a separate decompression gas exhaust system.

The product is fed through filling valves that automatically open once the pressure between the bottle and chamber is balanced. Filling at ambient temperature, up to 18 degrees C, means that the liquids do not need to be cooled.

The system requires few adjustments or manual operations. In fact, since bottles are transported by the neck, no adjustments are necessary for capacity changeovers if the same diameter neck is being used. Format changeovers at the filling nozzles are handled from the control station and do not require any manual intervention. Since there are almost no gaskets in the valve and very few parts need to be changed, there are few maintenance requirements. Cleaning solutions are easily dispersed throughout the internal surfaces of the filler, yet liquid does not pool anywhere in the system. This makes the system very easy to clean and guarantees sanitary equipment.

Also on display at the Hispack show​ will be Sidel's Cap Feeder, which is designed to orient plastic caps with a 28mm diameter. The equipment will demonstrate a cap feeding system that features a small footprint and a broad range of performance capabilities.

Sidel's Cap Feeder handles modern closure formats from plastic to metal, flat or sport caps, and from 20 to 130 mm in diameter. The system combines the three functions of storage, elevation, and orientation of closures in a reduced area of just 2 m2.

Sidel's Cap Feeder is designed to protect the physical integrity of the caps. The system limits wear and deformation of the caps caused by excessive pressure or friction. The company says its design can be easily adapted to various production settings since it can be used for flat, sport or crown caps simply by adjusting the cleats.

Able to operate at high speeds (up to 100,000 bph for a 28 mm diameter), the equipment is said to improve capping rates and brings about a measurable increase in overall production line throughput.

Another system that will feature at Hispack is the accumulation which conveys carbonated beverage bottles with a petaloid base. The system will demonstrate continuous pressure-free product flow management with a footprint that's up to 33 per cent smaller.

The Hispack stand will also include Sidel's net weight filler which is dedicated to oil and condiment bottle applications. By combining its mechanical technologies with new advancements in electronics, Sidel claims it has invented an accurate and reliable net weight filler. The principle of operation is simple: one weight, one measurement. An electronic microprocessor continuously controls the entire process of filling by weight. A weight sensing system closes the filling valve as soon as the correct weight is reached.

On demonstration at the stand will be the TSI overwrapping machine will package "base" brick containers, 1x3 overwrapped, at high speeds. This patented system can operate at speeds of up to 16,000 drinks boxes/hour per lane to meet current market demands and 32,000 drink boxes/hour on two lanes (even for 1x3 multi-packs). Built to dairy production standards, the overwrapping machine offers continuous, smooth operations (no fallen products). This overwrapping machine also features a small footprint, quick format changeover, and accessibility for running the machine. The performance levels achieved by the machine not only meet current market needs but are also designed to anticipate growing needs in this sector in terms of output rates.

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