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In the US, AEP Industries has introduced a disposable plastic wrap
cutter aimed at the food service industry.

In the US, AEP Industries has introduced a disposable plastic wrap cutter aimed at the food service industry.

Called ZipSafe, the product is aimed at making the use of plastic wrap easier while eliminating the cuts, scratches and waste common with standard plastic wrap boxes.

As the first of its kind on the market, AEP claims that it is now becoming the new industry standard for safety and efficiency. Since its introduction late last year, the product has been adopted by a number of leading distributors in the food service industry.

One of the biggest selling points for the product is the fact that it is much safer than the previous blade-edged box configuration. A simple patented system that requires no springs, complicated mechanisms or exposed ends means that the risk of cuts and other injuries is almost eliminated.

"After conducting a number of presentations to our key distributors on the safety and economies of using the new ZipSafe technology, we found that the acceptance of the new product was extremely high for the food service industry,"​ said Michael Dimin, AEP's institutional products director. "We also found that professional chefs are requesting the product and driving demand back to distributors."

"The tendency of plastic wrap to cling to itself when it's torn off the roll poses a real problem for operators,"​ said Dick Budd, AEP's institutional products national sales manager. "The ZipSafe alleviates this problem, because the plastic is cut rather than torn. After each cut, the wrap adheres to the ZipSafe rails and stays in a ready position for the next use. You get the maximum use out of each and every roll while reducing waste."

The slidecutter is manufactured of vinyl and high impact plastic to ensure its durability and functionality.

AEP Industries manufacturers, markets and distributes an extensive range of plastic packaging products for the food/beverage, industrial and agriculture markets. The company has operations in ten countries throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

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