AGR Topwave introduces PET measuring system

Agr TopWave has introduced a new system to monitor the quality of
PET production called the PETWallplus.

Agr TopWave has introduced a new system to monitor the quality of PET production called the PETWallplus.

The system is a non-contact device designed to monitor the material distribution of monolayer PET containers as they are formed in the blowmoulder. Consistent material distribution is a key factor in the performance of PET containers. A number of performance factors that impact the quality of a container such as top load and burst strength are directly related to variations in material distribution.

The PETWallplus system provides the means to monitor and maintain this key parameter on every container.

With the system, a container producer can monitor every container for deviations in material distribution as well as shifts, process problems and random distribution-related events. The system also provides detailed distribution information that can be correlated to mould and spindle. This kind of feedback gives the blowmould operator the information essential for pinpointing problems and ensuring desired performance levels.

The system offers considerable benefits to container manufacturers, including the ability to identify deviations in the process, as they happen, eliminating any delay in reaction time. When a problem is identified, corrections can be made immediately, permitting efficient blowmoulder operation and reduction of rework and downtime.

Additionally, the PETWallplus system gives operators of varying experience levels a common tool for monitoring blowmoulder operation. On a blowmoulder equipped with this system an operator will immediately see blowmoulder adjustments resulting in improved operating performance, claims the company.

The PETWallplus system uses infrared light absorption techniques to accurately determine the wall thickness of targeted areas of a PET container, regardless of colour, shape, decoration or the presence of water vapour. The system measurement sensors mount inside the blowmoulder, using the blowmoulder's handling and reject system without interfering with blowmoulder operation. Versions of the system are available for the most common blowmoulders including the Krones Contiform, SIG Plastics Blowmax and Sidel Series I and II.

The system can reliably inspect a wide range of PET container shapes and colours with high accuracy and repeatability at speeds of up to 32,000 bottles per hour.

Agr TopWave, a division of AGR International, develops and manufactures a full line of laboratory and on-line testing/quality control devices for plastic containers and similar products. Its headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Pennsylvania, USA.

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