Bakery and snack producers will be mainly concerned with the new EU packaging requirements regarding recyclability, recycled content in plastic packaging and the new labelling rules. Pic: New Africa

The EU prepares to overhaul packaging and waste rules

By Natasha Spencer

With new European Union (EU) packaging rules on the horizon, the bakery and snacks sectors are gearing up to address packaging requirements and waste management policies that better reflect market and environmental needs.

First Vice-President Frans Timmermans

Reaction from ACE, EuropaBio, European Bioplastics, CEPI, EUROPEN

Circular Economy: Part I – What does the future hold now?

By Jenny Eagle

The European Commission has adopted a revised Circular Economy Package to help European businesses and consumers - "closing the loop" of product lifecycles through greater recycling and re-use. 

Jane Bickerstaffe

'Lunch time bites' podcast: INCPEN

INCPEN expands its Fresher for Longer campaign

By Jenny Eagle

INCPEN (The Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment) is expanding its Fresher for Longer campaign in conjunction with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) and Kent Waste Partnership among others.

Food firms like Kellogg's are doing their part to boost recycling with on pack messaging like the How2Recycle label.

EPA: 51.5% of US packaging gets recycled

By Jenni Spinner

Lightweighted containers, reduced material use, improved recycling awareness—many shifts in the US waste stream points toward food packaging having a better impact on the environment than ever before.

EUROPEN: PPWD remains the appropriate and effective legislative framework

EUROPEN: EU framework ‘right’ for tackling packaging waste

By Joseph James Whitworth

Increased recovery and recycling targets mooted in an EU review have been backed by EUROPEN, providing they look at existing waste management infrastructure, capacity in member states and disparate performances.

Bumper WRAP fund to boost food waste collections

Bumper WRAP fund to boost food waste collections

By Ben Bouckley

A half-million pound fund (€600,000) has been launched in the UK to support demonstration projects that encourage the collection of food waste from businesses and public sector buildings.

Turning food into trash

Weekly Comment

Turning food into trash

Water, we save. Energy, we conserve. But food, it seems, we can
waste, junk and bin and no-one cares. Except one crusader, whose
20-year project has proven what should have been obvious in the
first place: our attitude to food is...

Half of US food goes to waste

Half of US food goes to waste

As the US celebrates Thanksgiving, a new study reveals that almost
half the food in the country goes to waste - a statistic that
should alarm an industry that is struggling to achieve greater
efficiency in order to salvage profits.


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