Chad Hedden, Director of Sales, Lumirror Polyester Film Division, Toray Plastics (America).

Toray Plastics appoints director of sales

US-based Toray Plastics have appointed Chad Hedden as director of sales for the Lumirror polyester film division to focus on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sales.

Nestle eyeing next generation bioplastics

Nestle eyeing next generation bioplastics

By Rory Harrington

The trend for the development of next generation bioplastics will be led by the emergence of conventional materials such as polyethylene made from renewable and non-food sources, said Nestle’s global packaging chief.

Biodegradable Food Trays

Biodegradable Food Trays

In the UK, Sharp Interpack (formerly MY Plastics) has launched its
new range of biodegradable and waterproof thermoplastic food trays.
The trays, which are a composite of starch and polyesters, could
help towards reducing the two...


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