Soft Drinks

Baked goods are a top source of curcumin for European children

EFSA reassesses European curcumin exposure levels


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reassessed exposure to curcumin and found consumption is lower than previously thought – although some children consume close to the acceptable daily intake (ADI).

Teens need a calcium boost

Teens need a calcium boost

New research appears to absolve the soft drinks industry from
responsibility for the low calcium intake among US adolescents but
it suggests that creative and effective ways of increasing levels
of the mineral, such as through fortified...

The strength of plastic

The strength of plastic

Plastic containers, which already account for around half of all
beer and soft drinks packed in Western Europe, look set to
consolidate their position over the next five years. According to a
new report, plastic will continue to outperform...


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