Ardent Mills CEO Dan Dye has stressed the importance of 'finding those pockets of growth,' especially as the demand dips for traditional flours.

Flour is more than flour: Ardent Mills preps for the next five years

By Kristine Sherred

After five years in business, the milling and grain specialist has rearranged its corporate leadership, modernized several of its aging mills and expanded its portfolio. CEO Dan Dye shared details of forthcoming plans at the International Baking Industry...

More than 2,000 tonnes of EU quinoa will be marketed in 2015 - a scale-up driven by a need to cater to demand, says Wageningen UR

EU quinoa plays catch-up with demand

By Nicola Cottam

European growers are ramping up quinoa production as demand in the region outstrips supply from traditional South American sources.

Quinoa can be incorporated into bread and cakes without taste or structure impact, says DeutscheBack

Baking mixes stabilize quinoa in bread and cakes

By Kacey Culliney

Quinoa flour can be incorporated into breads and cakes without negative impacts on taste or structure thanks to a range of baking mixes developed by ingredients specialist DeutscheBack.


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