Amcor flexible packaging

Top 10 plastics packaging producers in Europe

By Jenny Eagle

The top five plastics packaging companies in Europe have nearly all been involved in some form of major corporate change or restructuring, according to Applied Market Information (AMI).

Risto Vapola from Stora Enso talks to FPD

dispatches from EU BIOPLASTICS CONFERENCE 2013

Bio PE a natural choice for renewable barrier coating

By Joseph James Whitworth

Stora Enso has said that bio-polyethylene is the natural choice to replace current barrier coating methods as it builds to fully renewable products.

Metabolix unveils compostable film grade at K Show 2013

dispatches from K Show 2013

Metabolix: A certain shade of green

By Joseph James Whitworth

Metabolix has said that biopolymers are still playing catch-up in some areas but are on a level in others as the firm launched its latest product.

BioConSepT is a four year EU project looking at second generation biomass

exclusive interview on EU project

EU project aims to produce plastics from biomass

By Joseph James Whitworth

Food and beverage plastic packaging is one possible end application for an EU project which aims to create platform chemicals from second generation biomass.

Fraunhofer develops nano-thin coating to enhance shelf life


Fraunhofer develops nano-thin coating to enhance shelf life

By Rory Harrington

A breakthrough technology that coats polymer films with an ultra-thin clear barrier layer to enhance product shelf-life has been unveiled by the Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology.

New hard cheese packaging

New hard cheese packaging

Hard cheese packed in new biopolymers which will give it an
extended shelf-life may be on the shelves in the near future.
Substituting fossil plastic materials by renewable biopolymers may
benefit the environment and at the same time...


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