Monsanto has been investing in wheat breeding research, but its lead technologist says it could be another 10 years before the strains are commercialized

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GM wheat: A 10-year wait?

By Nicola Cottam

 Monsanto is pressing ahead with field tests on herbicide-tolerant wheat, but commercialization isn't round the corner, its head wheat technologist says.

More acres for GM food crops

More acres for GM food crops

Ministers in the EU recently blocked a move by biotech giant
Monsanto to launch a GM corn onto the market but finding a
favourable response in less cynical countries the firm said
yesterday that Argentina had given the green light.

To bake, or not to bake?

To bake, or not to bake?

Whatever their stance on the debate over genetically modified
crops, bakers are now having to decide on whether to stick to
conventional wheats or the genetically engineered product- albeit
with greater social, political and economic...


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