Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Don’t get caught in the greenwashing trap

Don’t get caught in the greenwashing trap

By Gill Hyslop

Despite high inflation, the majority of consumers are happy to pay more for products with a sustainable backstory. So there’s money to be made from environmental credentials, which makes falling into the greenwashing trap a bigger temptation than ever...

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Is consumer food waste giving the industry an unfair rap over emissions?

By Oliver Morrison

New research suggests food wastage – much of which comes from people simply not eating what they buy – is a bigger problem than previously thought, which if cut in half would help remove around one-quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions from the global...

PepsiCo Positive Agriculture agenda will improve the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people in its agricultural supply chain, including empowering women. Pic: PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s ambitious agriculture plan

By Gill Hyslop

The snack giant has laid out its impressive Positive Agriculture agenda, designed to significantly shrink its carbon footprint, provide readily-available access to food for global population and improve the livelihoods for more people.

Packaging producer Ball has been name the third most sustainable company in the US, according to Newsweek's Green Rankings.

Ball, Coke, and General Mills rank on ‘green’ list

By Jenni Spinner

Newsweek’s list of the US’s most sustainable companies names packaging firms like Ball, beverage producers like Coca-Cola, and food manufacturers such as General Mills rank among the green giants.

IP on track for 2020 sustainability goals

IP on track for 2020 sustainability goals

By Fiona Barry

International Paper has published its 2012 Sustainability Report which reveals strong progress against the packaging company’s 10-year environmental goals, which includes reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.

Allied Bakeries: Carbon foot printing a catalyst for efficiency

Allied Bakeries: Carbon foot printing a catalyst for efficiency

By Elaine Watson

Analysing the carbon footprint of Kingsmill loaves has helped Allied Bakeries squeeze out additional cost savings that it would not have extracted through traditional continuous improvement techniques, its operations director has claimed.


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