Parliament failed to reach the required majority, leaving the decision in the hands of the commission  ©iStock

MEPs oppose GM approvals but Commission will have the final say

By Louis Gore-Langton

EU member states yesterday voted against the introduction and renewal of GM grains in Europe but failed to reach a binding majority, leaving the president of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to make the final decision.

FAO survey: 38 countries believe different policies on GM has contributed to the risk of contamination

FAO calls for tighter GM controls

FAO: Global co-operation needed to curb GM contamination

By Nicola Cottam

Global contamination of non-genetically modified (GM) food and feed by GMOs will only increase without clearer policies and a tightening of the regulatory framework, says the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

GM maize for Europe? Pest management breakthroughs and cost-effective enrichment method hold promise for industry


GM maize, disease control and grain enrichment

By Nicola Cottam

A newly developed GM maize may soon be available in Europe, scientists uncover promising findings in the quest for disease prevention and exome designs prove cost-effective in grain enrichment.

Changing the tune on GM

Changing the tune on GM

The GM debate at times seems much like the Hokey Cokey (or Pokey, if you’re US-based). There’s been a lot of putting in, some putting out, and quite a lot of shaking things all about, but as of yet, there hasn’t really been a turnaround and definitely...