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Cargill develops rice-based maltodextrin alternative

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Cargill develops rice-based maltodextrin alternative

Many products rely on maltodextrin to add bulk, mouthfeel and carry flavors… but label-savvy shoppers aren't keen on its techy name and processed perception. SimPure™ 92260 soluble rice flour offers an innovative, label-friendly solution.

Simplicity + ingenuity

Traditional rice flours aren't very soluble, but Cargill overcame that hurdle, creating a highly soluble rice flour with maltodextrin-comparable performance.

  • Simple, label-friendly ingredient:​ soluble rice flour
  • One-to-one replacement​ for 10 DE maltodextrin in a variety of applications
  • Similar viscosity, sensory and bulkingperformance​ to maltodextrin
  • Positive consumer perception​, validated through research

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