Pupae progress: Eri Rocket blasts off with high-protein, low-sodium silk pupae snacks

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Kokoonic is marketing its new high-protein, low-sodium savoury snack range Eri Rocket as the ‘Snack of the Generation'. ©Eri Rocket/Kokoonic
Kokoonic is marketing its new high-protein, low-sodium savoury snack range Eri Rocket as the ‘Snack of the Generation'. ©Eri Rocket/Kokoonic

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Thai silk pupae firm Kokoonic is marketing its new high-protein, low-sodium savoury snack range Eri Rocket as the ‘Snack of the Generation’, believing it can draw in health-focused and sustainability-seeking consumers.

Kokoonic is already well-known as a silk fibre and silk pupae powder manufacturer, with its silk being used to make textiles, garments and cosmetics, while its pupae powder is used in a variety of food and beverage options from cereals to rice fortification.

More recently though, the firm has opted to step up its product offerings with the creation of a snacking product range dubbed Eri Rocket, which is planned to comprise crackers, chips and seaweed snack products.

At present, the range’s first two items are the Eri Rocket baked snacks which come in two flavours: Thunder Cheese and Grilled Squid.

“Both of these products are high in protein with 3g of protein per serving, and are also low in sodium and baked not fried, making them an ideal healthier snacking choice for consumers,”​ Kokoonic Managing Director Dumrong Kongkiatkrai told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“These snacks are made from a proprietary blend of our Eri Silk Pupae Powder, jasmine rice and corn flakes to give them that texture and crunch many consumers are looking for, whilst also providing a healthy dose of protein.”

Although relatively new, Kokoonic has already successfully ranged the snacks in various stores and especially multiple large online shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, with each 30g selling at THB30 (US$0.83) each.

“The high protein aspect is one of the biggest attractions as protein is really trending in Thailand and many markets, and silk pupae has naturally got a high protein content of about 60% to 65%,”​ he added.

“Even more than that, it actually contains natural oils and fatty acids which are comparable in benefits to that of the more popular fish oil – but our oil is even better as it is even cleaner, much cleaner than that which fish can offer.

“There are also the significant sustainability benefits that this can offer, as first of all our supply chain is very connected – no part of the silk pupae production is wasted with the cocoon going to fashion and cosmetic functions, and the oils and powders all being used for multiple food and beverage applications.

“It is also no secret that regular meat production whether it is beef, pork or poultry all requires large amounts of water and land use, and also results in methane emissions – silk pupae production and insect protein production in general requires much less, making its sustainability benefits all that much higher.”

Health and cosmetic products

In addition to snacking, Kokoonic has also launched a health product range using silk pupae powder dubbed Bold, and a beauty and cosmetics range dubbed SERICINE.

“Bold is a protein blend that has very high protein (31g to 32g per serve) as well as amino acids, BCAA and vitamins that work together to support performance, muscle growth, recovery and maintenance,”​ said Kongkiatkrai.

“Currently we have this as a protein drink that contains our Eri Silk pupae powder, egg white protein powder and pea protein, which comes in two flavours: Blackcurrant and Salted Caramel.

“Eventually we do also aim to have power balls, protein bars, jelly meal replacements and so on in the range.”

As for the SERICINE cosmetics range, this is based on the silk amino acid sericin extracted from silk cocoons, which the firm has developed into facial masks that it claims can ‘protect skin from dehydration and dullness’​ in addition to providing ‘powerful anti-ageing and anti-tyrosinase properties’​.

“Sericin stimulates the collagen production of new skin cells, fights melanin [and the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) also helps moisturise, boosts radiance and glow,”​ said the firm.

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