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Top 10: The world’s favorite cakes revealed

By Gill Hyslop

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Cake anyone? Pic: ©GettyImages/g-stockstudio
Cake anyone? Pic: ©GettyImages/g-stockstudio

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‘We are a world of curious cake lovers’ – but how do favorites rank on a global search basis and from country to country?

Leisure has analysed the cakes each country is searching for the most to reveal which cake is the world’s favourite. The UK range cooker producer used Google’s Keyword Planner (searching all languages) to establish the average monthly search volume in each country for 249 popular cakes.


Most searched

Topping the bill is chocolate cake, pinging up almost 400,000 searches each month.

Red Velvet takes second place with over 320,000 monthly searches across the globe, with Carrot cake taking up third position with over 300,000 searches.

There is a big gap to the next two contenders in the top five countdown.

Banana comes in fourth with just over 190,000 monthly searches and Pineapple Upside Down cake – particularly popular in both the States and Russia – grabs fifth position with just shy on 170,000 monthly searches globally.

Black Forest comes in sixth, Ice Cream in seventh and Bundt cake in eighth position.

The UK ranks Lemon Drizzle cake as their top choice overall – surprisingly outranking traditional favorites like Victoria sponge (in 10th​ place).

Research showed the lemon soaked sponge is searched for over 11,000 times a month in the British Isles and more than 120,000 times across the globe, ranking it in ninth place overall for total number of monthly searches worldwide.

Most countries

Chocolate again stole first position as the most searched for cake in 81 countries.

Red Velvet is second with 43 countries. It is also crowned Europe’s go-to treat with 14 Member States opting for this cake as their favorite.

Angel cake comes in third spot with over 33 countries. It is especially popular in many African countries.

Top 5



No. of countries

Total no. of monthly searches worldwide






Red velvet












Pineapple Upside Down



 “As our new research reveals, life’s too short to not eat cake! It’s great to see the variety of different taste preferences across the world and which cake is identified as a nation's favorite,”​ said Gino Grossi, marketing manager at Leisure.

“Whether people are searching for recipes, where to purchase different cakes, or a cake’s origin, one thing is for certain; these statistics reveal we are a world of curious cake lovers.”

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