EU grants protected status to UK Bramley apple pie filling

By Nathan Gray

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EU grants protected status to UK Bramley apple pie filling

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‘Traditional Bramley Apple Pie Filling’ has been added to the European register of Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (TSGs), says the European Commission.

The traditional UK sweet pie filling will join Italian mozzarella cheese and Belgian lambic beer on the list of over 1,200 products already protected.

The list aims to protect the reputation of regional products, promote traditional and agricultural activity, and ensure inferior products cannot be promoted unfairly.

The Bramley apple pie mixture was defined by the Commission as a blend of fresh Bramley apple pieces, sugar and water, with the option of Bramley apple puree, cornflour and lemon juice.

According to the EU, the Bramley apple pie came to prominence in the Victorian era, when “there was a quest to develop single purpose culinary apple varieties for the ultimate apple pie recipe.”

“At the 1883 National Apple Congress the Bramley was acclaimed as the best suited variety for apple pies. Since then, the recipe for Traditional Bramley Apple Pie Filling has remained unchanged and is still commercially used today.”

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