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VIDEO: Mettler Toledo tackles unwanted factory vibes

By Fiona Barry

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Mettler Toledo has launched a metal detection machine to automatically adjust to the food it inspects, which it claims can be customized to more than 800 settings.

The Profile Select conveyorized metal detector uses a variable frequency, which automatically adjusts the machine’s sensitivity according to the products being scanned.

The machine is fully automatic,​” said Eric Bertrand, product inspection manager, Mettler Toledo. “It uses a different frequency, depending on the density of the product, for instance if the product is very dry.​”

The machine was created earlier this year and, depending on size, can sell for between €10,000-€30,000.

More accuracy, fewer false alerts

In a video, filmed at Europack Euromanut CFIA, in Lyon, the Profile Select machine identifies a test sample containing metal balls of different sizes. The machine has been set so the first passes through, while the metal ball in the second stick is too large and stops the conveyor belt.

The company said the adjustable settings in the detector are suited to applications where there is moisture in the product or metallic packaging, such as metallized film, which would otherwise set off alerts.

The product works in combination with technology, which Mettler Toledo calls “Optimized Vector and Noise Control​” (OVNC), to electronically filter and eliminate unwanted signals generated from the product, or from vibrations in the factory.

This, said the engineers, improves metal detection sensitivity, but without the cost associated with accidentally rejecting false positives.

Connected by internet

Mettler Toledo’s machines are compatible with the company’s ProdX software. The program can link all the product inspection machines within a plant, said Bertrand.

ProdX can “plot rejected products, show modifications made to machinery settings, and check if they were tested at the right time,​” he added.

We found the majority of clients want to be connectable by internet.​”

The software keeps all aspects of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in one place, he said. “The quality manager can check everything from their office.​”

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