Exopack and Kobusch take up fresh produce tech

Exopack, Kobusch and PerfoTec enter into strategic alliance
Exopack, Kobusch and PerfoTec enter into strategic alliance
Exopack and Kobusch have entered into an agreement with PerfoTec for a technology that can advance the shelf life of packaged fresh produce.

PerfoTec supplies equipment that measures the respiration rates of fresh fruits and vegetables prior to film packaging and the related software calculates the required film permeability to allow for optimal respiration of the produce once it is packaged.

PerfoTec’s patented Laser Perforation System uses this information to adapt the film permeability through micro perforations and an integrated camera inspects each perforation for accurate diameter and shape.

Kobusch CEO Borge Kvamme said: “Our research shows that better taste and ‘fresher longer’ are the two key attributes for consumers and brands, whereas longer product life cycle is the key attribute for our customers' value chain.​”

Virag Patel, vice president of international strategies for Exopack, added: “The PerfoTec respiration and micro perforation technology will allow us to expand our current product offerings to the produce market and provide our customers with a sustainable alternative to their current packaging methods.”

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