Croda launches anti-fog concentrate for food packaging

By Joe Whitworth

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Picture courtesy of Croda
Picture courtesy of Croda
Croda Polymer Additives has unveiled an anti-fog concentrate that it claims prevent droplet formation on plastic surfaces leading to an extended shelf life of food.

The Atmer 7373 for polypropylene (PP) food packaging provides a unique solution to fogging in clear PP packaging, said UK-based Croda.

Typical processing problems can include screw slip or over-lubrication in the extruder barrel, and excess fuming.

The company said the polymer could be used in salad and fruit display, ready meal and hot deli packaging and sandwich display packs.

Croda said by adding a suitable anti-fogging agent to food wrap film, condensed water droplets are spread into a thin continuous layer of water improving the transparency of the packaging and the durability of the contents, improving the presentation of the food to look more appealing to customers.

Atmer 7373, a 40% concentrate supplied in pellet form, is fully food approved for clear polypropylene films and containers.

PP and homopolymer

Adam Maltby, Croda's polymer additives applications manager, said: "Atmer 7373 is effective in most grades of polypropylene, and results have been particularly good in PP homopolymer.

“We have not seen any other product on the market that delivers such effective performance in both hot and cold fogging environments.

“As a highly loaded concentrate it is particularly useful for converters who can easily handle its pellet form. It is also useful for masterbatch producers who either cannot or do not wish to handle soft and pasty raw materials,” ​added Maltby.

"Atmer 7373 is a 40% concentrate supplied in pellet form for easy dosing, so opens up new opportunities for film and sheet producers in particular. It additionally helps to control the rate of migration and allows an even dispersion of the additive on the polymer surface​."

Croda Polymer Additives products include anti-fog, anti-static, mould release, pigment dispersion, slip & anti-block, torque release, UV-absorption, and speciality plasticisers.

The firm provides naturally based speciality chemicals for the polymer industry.

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