Speed of filling snack and health food bags nearly doubled, claims firm

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Matrix device that nearly doubles speed of filling snack food bags
Matrix Packaging Machinery claims it has patented a device that can improve the throughput of narrow bags, offering greater profitability per run.

The SmartGate product concentrator allows speeds between 100 to 120 units per minute for form-fill-seal bagging operations running at 60 narrow bags, 3.5 inches or less.

SmartGate can reduce the time it takes for a total charge of food to be packed in a narrow bag by close to 70%, said Matrix.

The device can be removed from Matrix machines when wider bags are run on the packaging line.

“When filling very small bags that do not contain a lot of product, it’s difficult for a contract packager or brand owner to make much money per bag​,” said SmartGate co-developer Michael Krummey, who holds roles at Matrix in controls engineering and research and development.

“[SmartGate]concentrates the food and delivers a shaped charge faster than ever before.”

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Filling Twice As Fast

Posted by Wayne,

That is because you are filling half as much material and more air/gas.

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