Organic packaging solution has shelf-life extension potential

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Organic packaging solution has shelf-life extension potential
A botanically-infused packaging paper holds the potential to significantly extend the shelf-life of fresh produce, according to the company that developed it.

Fenugreen FreshPaper brand packaging paper, which is infused with a solution of organic and botanical extracts, can extend the shelf-life of perishable produce significantly, by more than double in some cases.

A spokesperson for Fenugreen told that scientific studies have shown that Fenugreen FreshPaper has been shown to extend shelf-life of perishable produce by to 2-4 times,” ​in a natural and sustainable way.

Inhibits bacteria growth

The packaging paper, which Fenugreen claim to be up to 75% as effective as refrigeration, is infused with a solution of organic extracts including fenugreek, which according to its developer prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.

“Fenugreen FreshPaper is infused with organic botanical extracts that inhibit bacterial growth, fungal growth, and enzymes that cause perishable food degradation.”

The solution, which can be applied to packaging paper or directly to produce to extend the shelf-life of a product, can be used during processing, during transit and distribution, in the retail sector and in the home.

European interest

Fenugreen told that the growing focus on natural, sustainable materials in the packaging industry has led to a growing amount of support in the European market.

“Fenugreen is currently in talks with several large-scale organic and conventional produce growers, packers and distributors for commercial applications of Fenugreen FreshPaper," ​said the spokesperson.

“We are currently speaking with fresh produce retailers, distributors and producers in Europe. The focus on natural growing practices and sustainability in packaging in Europe is ideal for adoption of Fenugreen, and we have been exploring several expansion opportunities.”

The spokesperson added: “We have also been fortunate to receive significant support and recognition from many European agencies that has accelerated our progress.”

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