Cognis launches aerating agent for cake mixes

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Cognis is launching a new blend of emulsifiers to give volume to cake mixes, concentrates and retail mixes that is said to be especially suitable fat containing batters and can withstand vigorous beating.

Improving the quality of cakes (and the crumbs therein) is a major goal for ingredient suppliers; Cognis launched Spongolit 530 in 2005, an emulsifier blend aimed at maintaining quality in manufactured non-trans fat cakes.

But manufacturers also seek convenient solutions such as ready to use product mixes and ingredients that require little special treatment. Consumers, too, are showing more interest in cooking from scratch, but semi-prepared products like cake mixes can be a good half-way house between buying packaged foods and making their own, especially if culinary skills are lacking or time short.

The new aerating agent from Cognis, called Spongolit EP 320, is intended to be used in mixes (for manufacturers and for retail) and concentrates. It is made up of a number of emulsifiers, like polyglycerolesters and distilled mono- and diglycerides. It is said to yield a uniformly fine crumb structure and elastic texture, so the resulting cake is less likely to crumble under the knife.

Cognis is emphasising its fat tolerance, which makes it suitable for use in fatty batters, which are usually rather difficult to aerate. And to make the process easier for manufacturers, it can be used in the “all-in method”​ of baking – that is, when all the ingredients are thrown in and beaten up together.

“The product remains tolerant and stable even when the batter is beaten for a prolonged period of time,”​ said the company.

It can also be used for cakes that use trans-fat free oils instead of shortenings; sponge cakes like Madeira and pound cakes (fat containing or fat-free); and syrupy cakes.

Last month Cognis introduced Lamemul GP 84-6, a blend of emulsifiers for cake gels that needs just water and stabilisers.

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