New polymer chain drive could save money

By George Reynolds

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A new polymer roller chain drive, designed for use in small spaces,
can directly replace existing stainless steel products at a
substantial cost saving, claims its manufacturer.

Stock Drive Products claims their A 6M 7-MT series is easier to assemble and maintain than competing products. The unit-link chain eliminates the requirement for a master link or special tools.

Each link, measuring 0.191 inches wide and 0.108 inches high, snaps into the next until the required length is formed. One foot of chain requires 82 links. A length of 10.75 feet will weigh only one ounce, the company said.

The ultra-miniature chain performs to a similar standard as the more commonly used stainless steel drives, the manufacturer claims. Yet because it is made from a polymer the chain is non-corrosive, solvent-resistant and non-magnetic.

It is wholly made with Nylatron GS, a nylon and molybdenum disulphide compound. These properties make the chain suitable for severe environment conditions and food processing applications, the company claims.

Nylatron GS is also designed to operate with little or no lubrication, a major selling point to food factories where contamination is a safety concern.

Stock Drive recommends use of the chain under a maximum operating load of two pounds of tension, although they are tested to a minimum break strength of five pounds.

The other advantages include low-noise, lightweight, non-conductive properties. The drive will operate a chain at speeds up to 800 feet per minute around smaller eight-tooth sprockets.

The A 6M7-14 series sprockets for the chain are made from Nylatron GS also. They are available in 34 different sizes ranging from seven to 52 teeth.

There are four bore sizes ranging between 0.093 inches and 2.5 inches. The outer diameters start from 0.392 inches to 2.495 inches. Pitch diameters come in sizes of between 0.340 inches to 2.223 inches.

It is available in Imperial or metric configurations with a pitch of 0.1475 inches, equivalent to 3.7465 mm. The list price for the chain is $21.68 per foot. Sprocket prices range between $2.35 and $3.14 depending on the size.

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