Cargo lashing cuts down on lost loads, manufacturer claims

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A new lashing for trailer cargoes cuts down on the risk ofdamaged
goods or lost loads, its manufacturer claims.

Finland-based Walki Wisa said its Walki Fix Road lashingcover keeps the cargo firmly in place and protects it from damage.

Goods transported by road have traditionally been securedusing lashing straps and corner protectors.

Walki Wisa's new product is a 2.9-metre-wide lashing coverthat features woven reinforcements and sewn-in lashing straps. The straps,separated by a distance of 1.3 metres, are fastened to the lashing points onthe trailer floor.

The cover is suspended from the trailer ceiling, making itready for loading at all times, the company stated in a press release. Thelashing cover is then drawn over the goods along rails mounted to the ceiling.

"There's no need for the driver to climb on top of the cargoto place corner protectors or lashing straps," the company stated.

Cargo lashing regulations have been tightened in Finnishroad traffic in recent years, the company noted. During braking, cargo lashingmust withstand a forward acceleration of 1 g, as well as 0.5 g sideways andback.

"Walki Fix Roadimproves road safety," the company stated. "The lashing strength is distributedevenly over the whole surface."

Bags of granulates, for example, are difficult to secureusing traditional methods because their content "slips away" causing thelashing to loosen. This can be avoided by using Walki Fix Road, the companyclaimed.

"The Walki Fix Road lashing cover is also excellent forpaper reels with easily damaged edges, as well as for irregularly shaped goods.The cover shapes smoothly over the cargo,"​ the company stated.

The lashing has a useful life of three to five yearsdepending on the transported goods, the company estimated. The lashing strapsof the light 40-kilogram cover can be replaced if needed.

Ajotilaus ja Kone Oy, a transport company based in Kemi,northern Finland, has been using the product since the summer 2005.

"Our drivers have praised the speed and ease of installationin particular. We have also seen a decrease in transport damages," statedMarkus Keisu, in charge of the company's transport. He was quoted by Walki Wisain the press statement announcing the release of the product.

Walki Wisa manufactures wrappers for the paper and metalindustry and materials for food and consumer packaging, among other products.

The company has production facilities in Finland, Germany,the UK, China and Sweden.

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