Film technology allows downgauging, faster production

By Ahmed ElAmin

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Borstar introduces a new grade of polyethylene (PE) film along with
an upgrade to its technology, which the company claims will help
food packagers to downgauge and increase production speeds.

The company's proprietary technology, Borstar PE 2G, is a process that enables companies to adjust their PE-based packaging at the molecular level to meet the needs of their products.

The process could allow food packagers to use the lowest gauge of film possible, while still meeting their requirements for strength, flexibility and stiffness, Borstar claims.

Downgauging helps food processors use less plastic material, a key savings at a time when the rising price of oil has sent polymer costs soaring.

By releasing the new technology and film the company says it is attempting to meet the growing demand for linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) for flexible consumer packaging.

The Borstar PE 2G system consists of a new catalyst in combination with process improvements. This results in a simplified process with fewer steps that offers even better safety, through modifiedcatalyst handling, the company stated.

The company claims it possesses the only existing technology designed for PE and polypropylene (PP) packaging that offers such a high level of process and product tailoring.

"By allowing tailoring of the molecular structure of PE to precisely match application requirements, Borstar PE 2G gives the possibility to extend Borealis' product range with moresophisticated, customer-oriented solutions that are characterised by outstanding mechanical and optical properties, such as transparency and sealability, with excellent processability,"​ thecompany stated.

The company has tested the multi-stage technology at Borealis PE production facilities in Porvoo, Finland and Stenungsund, Sweden. The company has also implemented the technology at its productionfacility in Schwechat, Austria with a capacity of 350 kt/y.

Through the Borstar PE 2G process, companies will be able to use a full spectrum of linear low, medium and high density grades of film. The company's new PE film grade Borstar FB4370 offers a highdegree of stiffness and toughness, allowing packagers to downgauge. It also allows them to provide packaging with an easy open mode.

"Borstar FB4370 is the only PE film grade that balances mechanical properties such as high stiffness, toughness, easy opening and downgauging, with outstanding extrusion properties forhigher production and packaging speeds,"​ the company claims.

When combined with single site catalyst, packagers can produce a linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE) using the new grade. The grade meets the rising demand for film with excellent hot-tackproperties and puncture resistance.

Where high transparency is required in a three-layer co-extrusion, Borstar FB4370 can be used as the core layer in combination with mLLDPE outer layers.

Borstar FB4370 is also suited for use in monofilm. Typically, the new PE film grade can be blended at 10 to 50 per cent to improve film stiffness and provide an antiblocking effect. Borstar FB4370also shows excellent heat sealability in monofilms for bags and pouches, the company claims.

"Not least important for the end user Borstar FB4370 delivers a homogeneous appearance and gives a silk-like film surface to provide an aesthetic finish to applications,"​ thecompany stated.

The company is also releasing its FB4250T grade of film. The FB4250T is a linear low density PE film for packaging that needs more stiffness and mechanical toughness combined with transparency.

"These products give the additional benefit of a downgauging potential of between 20 to 25 per cent, making them an environmentally friendly solution,"​ the company claims. "Moreoverdue to the better flow properties of Borstar products, the converter can achieve significant improvement in production regularity and film quality."

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