Two machines aim to speed up chicken deboning, cutting

Meyn Food Processing Technology in Holland has released two new
poultry processing machines for sale, one to debone breasts, the
other to cut up bird parts.

The Rapid HQ is a semi automatic filleting system for the deboning of breast caps and the front halves of chickens on one machine. The system is designed as a carousel, built to debone up to 6,000 breastsan hour.

The machine can debone breast caps and the front halves of chickens, whether they are without wings, fresh or matured. It can handle breast caps from 350 to 1,100 grams (0.8 - 2.4 lbs). It can handle front halves from 450 to 1,350 grams (1.0 - 3.0 lbs).

The machine can operate as a stand-alone configuration and includes modules for packing the products in crates or cartons or for feeding fillets and tenderloins to trimming stations. By-products are directed into bins or to a vacuum transport system.

Meyn said the deboned fillets will be suitable for tray packing and can be produced as half fillets and butterflies, with or without the tenderloins. The machine can be operated manually or can automaticly harvest fillets with or without tenderloins.

The fillets are then presented to trimmer machines in a uniform way, giving companies the ability to reduce the trimming operators needed for further processing, Meyn said.

The second machine, the Physic HS, can cut and process up to 7,000 birds per hour. The machine can be configured to match a large number of requirements relating to product types, quantity, quality and flexibility, Meyn said in a statement.

Plants can vary the line speed from about 3,000 to 7,000 birds per hour by adjusting the machine's shackle pitch. The machine is designed for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. The machine also allows several types of poultry product to be processed at the same time

"A typical configuration can range from dedicated and compact, supporting a limited product variety and not requiring the support of a PLC or process management computer, to systems that process a large spread of products at the same time,"​ the company said.

The Physic HS cut up system is designed as part of the Meyn poultry processing system, a series of machines covering the entire process from the in-line sorting of whole birds up to the integrated transfer of the end product. The key elements of the process include grading, weighing and sorting.

Meyn Food Processing Technology​ supplies poultry processing systems, equipment and services.

Meyn's Rapid HQ breast deboner

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