Lantech launches best-in-class case erector

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Lantech claims that its new C-300 case erector delivers
best-in-class reliability for a machine in the 10-case/minute speed
range by utilising a proprietary design that holds the case square
and erect throughout the process.

According to the company, the C-300 is unmatched for uptime, and is so efficient it will even erect and tape case blanks with unglued seams or irregularities that can often jam other machines.

Case erectors, machines that construct cases and seal their bottoms, saving employees the time and effort of this process. This process can increase the efficiency of case production, and the latest models have become more ergonomic and risk-free, eliminating the chance of repeated-use injuries.

The C-300 comes standard with features that are unavailable or optional on other machines in its class, such as a powered infeed magazine and automatic "case on demand" operation. The powered infeed allows for a low, horizontal magazine position for easier loading and better operator ergonomics.

Powered infeed also ensures consistent feeding of single blanks from the time the magazine is full to the time it empties.

From the infeed magazine, a hinged pick-up frame grabs the case on two panels using suction cups. By gripping two panels and squaring the case with the pickup frame, even irregular or damaged case blanks are controlled through opening, then held square and erect for flap closing.

Special slots in the major flap folders prevent sideways movement of the case while it is pushed into the exit drive. There, it is gripped on the sides between two belt drives that pull it across the tape head.

Setup and changeover on the C-300 are easy using hand wheels and calibrated counters - no machine components have to be unbolted or manually pushed into position. The C-300 machine handles single-wall RSC and HSC cases, with B and C flute types.

Designed for zero maintenance, the machine comes standard with a 3-year warranty at unlimited cycles.

Packaging equipment manufacturer Lantech​ is the world's largest manufacturer of stretch wrapping technology, with 50,000 systems around the world. It has manufacturing operations in the US and the Netherlands.

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