Lock launches super-sensitive metal detectors

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Inspection equipment manufacturer Lock will be unveiling its new
MET 30+ range of metal detectors at Interpack.

The company intends to demonstrate its MET 30+ hf and MET 30+ 3f metal detectors as well as its proprietary ADC software and touchscreen interface. In addition, Lock intends to showcase its ATEX-approved Compact Vertical Fall detector.

Lock claims that the MET 30+ hf detector offers up to 30 per cent higher sensitivity than standard detectors. The unit employs a single high frequency, crystal controlled oscillator, and are designed primarily for snack food and bakery industries.

The MET 30+ hf can inspect dry foods such as biscuits or crisps at 875Khz - four times more than standard food industry detectors.

Lock's says that its MET 30+ 3f is the world's first fully automatic triple frequency detector, capable of highly accurate inspection of both poly-film and metallised packaged products. The 3f operates at three crystal controlled frequencies - high, medium and low - and features an in-built Automatic Frequency Selection facility that chooses the optimum frequency, whatever the product or packaging.

When inspecting poly- wrapped products, the detector will automatically select high frequency, whereas for a product packaged in metallised film it will operate at low frequency. The MET 30+ 3f's in-built automatic product set-up facility eliminates time spent configuring the detector and ensures consistently high performance by memorising settings for up to 100 products.

Lock will also demonstrate its standard membrane keypad and touchscreen interface mounted on MET 30+ detectors. The company says that the rugged design of the membrane keypad lends it to use in harsh production environments, like the meat industry.

The user-friendly touchscreen panel incorporates Lock's ADC software so the data can be viewed on the screen itself rather than from a networked PC or laptop. This delivers accurate detection of the tiniest particles of metal - whatever the product profile.

Lock's Compact Vertical Fall detector has passed explosive pressure tests in line with requirements of the stringent ATEX Directive. ATEX certification guarantees that powders, granules and dusts can pass safely through the detector vessel with no risk of explosion.

Attention to food safety on the production line has never been greater. Flakes or slivers from machinery as well as swarf or wire from sieves, cutters or drilling during maintenance work can infiltrate the line at any stage during the production process, and new food safety legislation obliges food manufacturers to implement systems to safeguard the supply of food.

Lock Inspection Systems​ supplies metal detection equipment to companies in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The company is based in the UK and has offices in France, the Netherlands and the USA.

The company's Australia offices were opened up in August last year and will act as its Asia Pacific headquarters. The company has reported growing demand in the region in recent years, in particular from the burgeoning China market.

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