Menasha unveils dual ovenable corrugated baking vessel

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Food packaging group Menasha has launched a range of patented food
baking, packaging, and merchandising containers for the bakery

This includes the first dual ovenable corrugated baking vessel, which the company claims is an innovative cost effective alternative to metal and foil containers.

The MenashaWare​ range taps into a key growth sector of the food packaging industry. Business Communications Company's RP-184 Rigid Food Packaging​ reveals that the market for plastic rigid food packaging is expected to increase to over 13.6 billion pounds by 2008 at an AAGR (average annual growth rate) of 5.8 per cent within North America alone.

And the report specifically identifies new technologies such as dual-ovenable packaging as an important growth factor.

Dual Ovenable packaging is designed to work in both conventional and microwave ovens while providing great climatic endurance. Menasha claims that its new range has been successfully tested for use in temperatures from -40° to 400° F. No pre-treating is needed, so manufacturers can place ingredients directly onto the non-stick coated surface for easy release.

Menasha also says that the insulating properties of the corrugated pan promotes even baking, eliminating crowning and the need for added frosting, while corrugated heat retention properties have proven to reduce the baking cycle time.

In addition, the corrugated construction provides greater strength and shape stability than foil, paperboard, and CPET. There is no metal content, so the container is compatible with metal detection equipment.

This is another important consideration. Attention to food safety on the production line has never been greater. Flakes or slivers from machinery as well as swarf or wire from sieves, cutters or drilling during maintenance work can infiltrate the line at any stage during the production process, and new food safety legislation obliges food manufacturers to implement systems to safeguard the supply of food.

There is also a great deal of downward pressure from supermarkets, retailers and of course consumers on food producers to implement stringent safety measures. All these pressures are forcing the food production industry to go that extra mile.

The plastic rigid food packaging market in North America reached about 10.3 billion pounds in 2003 and, according to the Business Communications Company report. It suggests that PET is the dominant resin at 5.8 billion pounds and its use is rising faster than the total market, at an AAGR of 6.4 per cent.

HDPE, polystyrene and polypropylene come next, with the latter rising at an AAGR of 7.3 per cent. Polycarbonate, while representing a small piece of the pie, will rise the fastest at an AAGR of 7.4 per cent, reaching 100 million pounds in 2008.

Menasha Packaging is a provider of food packaging, industrial shipping containers, graphical consumer packaging, promotional displays, and corrugated medium, sheets, and liners. The company offers a variety of packaging solutions for the food industry, and has built a reputation for innovative packaging solutions.

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