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A real cross-section of product launches reflects the growing
importance of healthier processed foods which have just arrived on
Polish and Czech shop shelves, as we look at the most significant
offerings from the Mintel GNPD this week.

There are two product launches on the cereals front. The first new launch comes from Poland's Bafra food group. Kasza Gryczana Buckwheat is being marketed as a side dish and was launched onto the domestic market last month. Priced at €0.35 for a 400 gram shelf stable flexible pack, the product is being at aimed the growing health foods markets and in turn will be sold on its high nutritional content.

Again in Poland, Santé is launching its Otreby Pszenne Oat Bran bakery mix. Again packaged in a shelf-stable flexible pack, it comes in a 200 gram format which is priced at €0.63. This new product launch was made available at the beginning of January, and is aimed at the increasing market for healthy home bake ingredients.

In the Czech Republic, Spanish food company Conservera de Esterio is launching a new line of tinned tuna, Svetl Tunák. Available in three 80 gram tin packs that are sleeved wrapped, the product is priced at €1.88.

Also in the Czech Republic, TPK is launching an interesting line in functional cheese spread. Called Jenny Taveny Syr Cheese Spread, it is packaged in 150 gram tubs and is being marketed at €0.78. It is a fine spread cheese enriched with vitamins A and B12 as well as calcium and milk proteins and is being aimed at the energy foods sector for individuals who enjoy active or sporty life styles.

And finally, back to Poland where Materne has re-launched the Andros line of fruit purée desserts in newly-designed packaging. Packaged in a sleeve style presentation with a board mirror finish and a gravure design, the product comes in a 200 gram tub. Priced at €0.54 a tub, the company is aiming to refresh the image of the product in an effort to increase its market appeal.

The product comes in a number of apple puree varieties which is blended with other fruits that include cherry, banana and strawberry and is sold as a healthier dessert option which contains no additives or preservatives.

This range of finished food and drink products is part of a selection from Mintel's Global New Product Database​.

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