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Safeline, a leader in metal detector and x-ray inspection systems,
has launched a new metal detector which operates on a high

Safeline, a leader in metal detector and x-ray inspection systems, has launched a new metal detector which operates on a high frequency that is said to make it more sensitive compared to conventional systems.

The new Powerphase Plus operates at frequencies far higher than those typically used in the food processing industry. The company specialises in systems that have Ultra-High-Frequency operation (in excess of 800kHz) for metal detection. The company says that by enhancing its current high frequency operation capabilities, the new system is able to offer increased sensitivity, particularly to non-ferrous and stainless steel contamination.

The Powerphase Plus offers two new features in particular which are aimed at making it a better metal detecting proposition for food processors.

The first of these enhanced features includes the Automated Product Groupings (APG) setting. Traditionally, when running multiple-but-similar products on a production line, different settings would have to be established for each product. The APG feature is said to allow users to combine multiple SKU's on a single setting. It also enables the system to achieve increased sensitivity, reliability and higher productivity while reducing false rejects - the company claims.

Secondly, the system features a newly developed Faraday Screen, which has been designed and placed between the detector coil system and the product being inspected. This screen is said to be effective in eliminating unwanted product signals, which if not eliminated, will be received by the coil system and consequently amplified. The Faraday Screen also filters out certain signals and unwanted frequencies that can interfere with normal plant operations such as two-way radio communication on a production line.

Based in the US, Safeline Metal Detection​ is the largest metal detector manufacturer in the world, with operations in the US, UK and Continental Europe. Safeline provides conveyorised, gravity feed, and pipeline metal detection systems for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and powder/bulk industries. The Safeline group has established itself as the technology leader in automated X-ray inspection equipment for pharmaceutical, food and packaging applications.

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