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ADM Milling has made one of the first purchases of a newly launched
C-Cell Bread Imaging System in the UK aimed at assessing bread and
ingredients quality.

ADM Milling has made one of the first purchases of a newly launched C-Cell Bread Imaging System in the UK.

Considered to be the most advanced bread imaging system in the world, C-Cell was developed by CCFRA and Calibre Control International and ADM Milling believes it will be invaluable in assessing bread and ingredients quality in a consistent manner.

John Cottrell, technician director, commented: "Assessing the internal structure of bread and other baked products require a great deal of skill, which can only be obtained after considerable training and experience. Even then, an individual's assessment will be very subjective and no two people's judgement will be the same. Similarly, one person assessing the same loaf on different days might well come to different conclusions. The purchase of this system will remove the subjectivity."

ADM Milling says it sees the use of the C-Cell as an important step forward in providing customers with consistent products and one which is not replicated anywhere else in the UK milling industry. The system will also enable customers to develop new products in conjunction with ADM with confidence.

Capable of being used in a wide variety of breads, the machine includes a dedicated high resolution imaging system, enabling images of products to be taken under standardised conditions for accurate comparison. These captured images are then analysed on over 30 characteristics including size, shape, cell structure, cell distribution and holes. The images can then be stored for future reference enabling flour and ingredient performance to be accurately measured over long periods of time.

ADM Milling​ currently has over 70 facilities located throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Central America and the Caribbean. Currently the company processes one million bushels of wheat a day, in addition to processing corn, sorghum, barley, oats and rice, which are used to produce more than 400 food, feed and industrial ingredients.

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