Resina launches caps and labels inspection system

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In the US, Resina West, has introduced a system that simultaneously
inspects for a variety of empty or filled container defects.

In the US, Resina West, has introduced a system that simultaneously inspects for a variety of empty or filled container defects.

The multi-function capability of the Visionary Multi-Function On-Line Inspection System, allows for 100 per cent inspection fordefects including containers with missing, cocked (skewed) or 'high' caps,as well as analysing the fill level, crocked or missing labels, presence of outserts, and missing foil liners. In conjunction with reject systems,Resina West says the system assures that only containers meeting specifications will reach the end of a production line. Additionally the 'C' frame design allows the unit to be installed on almost any existing production line.

Using the latest technology in image acquisition, the system evaluates each acquired container image and determines whether the container is within the established parameters and tolerances as programmed. Pre-set consecutive defects will activate an alarm. TheVisionary's optional reject verification system is also able to signal the reject system to shut the line down if defective containers are not removed.

In addition to detecting containers with missing, cocked or high caps, the company claims that theaccuracy of the digitised measurement technology used in thesystem will detect containers where the cap isinsufficiently torqued. Programming is simple with a handheld controller,and the Visionary can be programmed to inspect for defects in fill level,labels and outserts. Furthermore, the addition of an optional sensor allows the Visionary toinspect for missing foil liners.

A variety of reject systems can be activated by signal from the system. For small light containers, a small air jet can be used;for heavier items a pneumatic cylinder or solenoid-based system is utilised.For large heavy containers or fast moving lines, a diverter type of rejectsystem can remove defective containers without spillage.

Quick changeover between container sizes is achieved with a NO TOOLShand wheel adjustment system.

Resina West​, with both headquarters offices and equipment manufacturing facilities in California, US, provides a host of equipment mainly aimed at beverage production lines. The offerings include automatic screw cappers, internal plug inserters, fitment applicators, inner sealers and friction lid placers. The company also provides fully integrated, turnkey lines for customers in a wide variety of industries on a global basis.

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