Spanish consumer trust is high, claims FIAB

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A survey of Spanish consumers shows that most believe the quality
and safety of food and drink products is high - and that trust in a
brand or a retailer is one of the key factors when it comes to
choosing what to buy.

Consumer confidence in the safety and quality of food and drink products is running at 81 and 85 per cent respectively, according to a survey carried out on behalf of FIAB, the Spanish food and drink producers association.

The survey, carried out by the Sigma Dos consultancy in Spain, also revealed that information, training and transparency are the main demands of the Spanish public when it comes to the food they eat.

Some 78 per cent of those questioned always or nearly always read the label before buying packaged food items, while just 7 per cent never or hardly ever read the information.

More than 90 per cent of respondents said that the labelling of food products was very important, with some 53 per cent adding that they used the label for nutritional information about food.

When it came to choosing what and where to buy, 89 per cent of respondents said that having trust in the store selling the product was vitally important, especially regarding fresh products. Some 77 per cent said that they opted only for brands which they trusted.

Brands rather than prices are more important for most Spanish households: around 74 per cent of those questioned would buy a known brand of dairy product even if it was more expensive than a brand they did not know, while the figures are 64 per cent for canned food and 57 per cent for frozen food.

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