Drive systems save confectionery production costs

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FKI improves energy efficiency and enhanced levels of control with
packaged FID 3000 drive systems on the brine and water pumps
feeding production line chillers.

A producer of food processing machinery said this week that one of the UK's largest confectionery manufacturers is benefiting from improved energy efficiency and enhanced levels of control since employing packaged FID 3000 drive systems on the brine and water pumps feeding production line chillers.According to FKI the drive systems are specially built to the manufacturer's own specification. The enclosures are built to food industry standards and custom designed to fit into tight motor room locations.

Retro-fitting drives to large chiller pump motors offers, the company adds, energy savings offsetting the new higher electricity tariffs due to the Climate Change Levy. The chillers themselves are an essential element for confectionery manufacture, in particular for the chocolate making process.Besides controlling the temperature of the materials used in production, they also ensure that the plates transporting the chocolate are kept cool throughout the process line.

There are 10 chillers on-site all fitted with FKI drives installed over a number of years. With the latest systems, FKI is supplying its new generation FID 3000 drives for the water and brine pumps that transport the refrigerant from the chiller to a cooling tower situated on the roof.The latest 225kW, FID3000 drive systems have been installed to realise increased energy efficiency, and improved overall control of the pumping operation.

The cabinets housing the drives are special units designed specifically by FKI for the application and the environment.IP54 rated, they are all of welded construction designed to minimise the collection of food particles which in time would attract vermin.

A further feature of FKI's bespoke enclosure design is a pressurised panel air cooling system. This employs air plenums to draw air in from outside and then vents it out to regulate the temperature of the drives.It is a special balanced air flow system with high quality fans and adjustable air dampers, the latter units providing a "venetian blind" effect for ducting out of the building.

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